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The CelebriTEA Sip And Shop

The CelebriTEA Sip and Shop

…was by far one of the proudest days of my life! Not only because I got to be surrounded by some of my favorite reality stars lol 🙂 but also because it was an opportunity to celebrate entrepreneurship on every level! As I continue to grow in life and in my career I realize more than ever the importance of supporting and recognizing those around me who strive to MAKE IT HAPPEN! Essentially that’s what entrepreneurship is about, right? Making it happen against all odds, so the CelebriTEA Sip and Shop was my platform to celebrate with some of my personal favorite small business owners and entrepreneurs!

The amount of LOVE and support that I received from the CelebriTEA Sip and Shop was so tremendous that it truly leaves me at a loss for words! I am so thankful for every person who played a role in this event. From the reality stars (Laura Govan, Amina Budda Fly, Ray “Misster Ray” Cunningham, Miles B., Sundy Carter, Althea Hart, and Rod Bullock) to all of my gracious sponsors, family, friends, and supporters! I cannot thank you all enough.

Of course, with all major events in our lives, there are the unsung heroes hiding in the shadows doing the work that helps people like me bask in the light. I would be beyond myself not to give you the praise that you deserve for helping bring my biggest vision to life!

CelebriTEA performance by Althea Heart (Love Hip Hop ATL)

Niko — The best friend assistant ANYONE could ask for! Thank you again and again and again and again aaaand again for helping me with the CelebriTEA Sip and Shop.

Sabrina — My Sassy Publicist! You stepped in and gave my event the official Hollywood touch!! Thank you for being amazing!! Love ya!

Miracle — My little baby cousin all the way from Nashville!! I am soooo happy that you were able to make it to the event and I cannot wait to have you at the next one! <3






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