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Working with LA Fashion Week 2 seasons in a row was truely my “Cinderfella” story!

I had no idea when I first started styling 3 years ago (WOW!!!) that I would have many of the great opportunities that I have been afforded. From working with popular reality stars,  musicians, and actors I have been truly fortunate to work with some of the most amazing and talented people!

FW2018 Influencers Photoshoot –Niko Brown, Kamil McFadden, and Myself

Out of all my experiences the chance to work with LAFW has been, by far, the most gratifying. Thanks to my dear friend and assistant Niko, I was able to work with LAFW as the social media host for their SS2017 Influencers Event and again as a stylist for their FW2018 Influencers Photoshoot. The power of these exciting collaborations gave me the opportunity to highlight my skillsets in the 2 areas that have been a corner stone for my personal career.

SS2017 Influencers Event – Grace Wethor, Myself, Tiffany Scott-Clemente

As a fashion stylist and media host I realize that partnerships like these are invaluable, and are topped only by the high quality photos and hosting footage received from participating. I encourage collaborations on every level because they give creatives access to multiple audiences, which helps us to grow our networks.  Successful collaborations, like the one with LAFW, typically give creatives a trusted outlet to develop their talents and provide all parties with tools to further their professional development.

Plain and simple, the growth of our smaller personal brands are dependent on their ability to reach new audiences and collaborations are a great way to provide that exposure!

Happy collaborating! 🙂


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