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The Joy Of Passion

Photos courtesy Hannye Flores

Finding passion in our brands is perhaps the most significant thing an entrepreneur can do. Thinking back on my last post, “The Power of Persistence”, made me realize that passion has to be the cornerstone of our efforts! In order to persevere we have to have a connection to our goals. That’s what ultimately keeps us tapped in to the persuit of those goal, our passion.

Without a doubt, it has been my personal passion for all things fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment that has gotten me through the hardships of being an entrepreneur. The toughest moments have proven to be some of my most cherished, something I can only say because of the true love and passion that I have for what I do.

There is no question that we can be successful or make a lot of money doing many things, but doing what we are passionate about will give us the happiness that we all deserve.





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